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Component Configuration: Refer a Colleague
Component Configuration: Refer a Colleague
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The Refer a Colleague component allows attendees to share information about a specific webinar with their colleagues.

Why is it good to use Refer a Colleague Component?

  • Enable Sharing. Allow attendees to share webinar information with colleagues.

  • Expand Audience. Increase reach by encouraging attendees to refer colleagues.

  • Boost Engagement. Foster community and engagement through networking.

  • Drive Attendance. Use referrals to enhance webinar attendance rates.

  • Simplify Referrals. Provide an easy way for attendees to involve colleagues.

How to add the Refer a Colleague Component:

  1. Click the Components on the toolbar on the top menu next to Interface Builder.

  2. Scroll down and find Refer a Colleague then click Add.

  3. After clicking the 'Add' button, you'll see it added to your component toolbox with a Refer a Colleague icon.

  4. Click the Refer a Colleague component icon and a window box will open. Next, click the gear icon, then select Configure and a new box with fields will pop up.

    • Recipient Field Placeholder - Display a placeholder to help attendees see the email format.

    • Customize Default - Provide the message’s default subject and the body to help encourage attendees to refer the webinar to their colleagues.

      The audience will see the following and your colleague will receive an email with your message and a link to the webinar.

  5. If you are using Campaign Codes you may select the campaign code to be used.

    • Selecting a Campaign Code:

      • Choose a campaign code from the options if you're using them in your Refer a Colleague email.

    • Add New Campaign Code:

      • Enable the Add Marketing Campaign Code to the Audience URL checkbox.

      • ​Click Add Marketing Campaign Code to include a new campaign code in your referral URL.

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