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The Group Chat Component in webinars allows participants to have real-time text conversations. Attendees can message, ask questions, and share thoughts, fostering communication and collaboration.

Note. Given the lack of control of the conversation, this component is NOT available for

On-Demand webinars.


  • Instant Messaging. Participants can quickly exchange messages during the webinar.

  • Active Engagement. It promotes attendee participation and involvement.

  • Q&A Platform. Group chat is a real-time space for asking and answering questions.

  • Learning Together. Participants share insights, discuss topics, and learn collaboratively.

  • Community Feel. Group chat builds community, making the virtual environment dynamic and inclusive.


  1. Direct Messaging: Avoid talking over each other with Group Chat as attendees can chat directly.

  2. Choose whether attendees chat anonymously or display their names.

How to Add Group Chat Component:

  1. Click the Components on the toolbar on the top menu next to Interface Builder.

  2. Scroll down and find Group Chat, then click Add.

  3. After clicking the Add button, you'll see it added to your component toolbox with a Group Chat icon.

  4. Click the Group Chat component icon to open a window box. Next, click the gear icon and select Configure, and a new box with fields will pop up.

  5. Group Chat Fields:

    • Availability

      • Always Available: Select this option to make the Group Chat component available as soon as the attendees are allowed in the Audience Interface.

      • During Live Webinar: This option makes the Group Chat component available when the webinar starts and not before.

    • Participant Name Display

      • Full Name: The attendee's first and last name will be displayed.

      • First Name: The attendee's first name will be displayed.

      • First Name Last Initial: The attendee's first name and the first letter of their last name will be displayed.

    • Pinned Message

      The Group Chat pinned message will appear at the top of the component. This can be a call to action to encourage attendees to chat directly with each other. All attendees of the Group Chat can view the pinned messages.

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