Component Configuration: Contact Us
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The Contact Us components are the go-to for new attendees on a mission. It’s what attendees use when they have a question and truly want to speak to an individual at your organization.

Within Interface Builder add the component Contact Us to your Interface

Pinned Message

The Content Us pinned message will appear at the top of the component and should be a well-crafted call to action designed to have attendees reach out for additional information. All attendees of the webinar can view the important or useful pinned messages.

Customize Message Placeholder

A customized message placeholder is a sample text to start your Contact Us email. The sample text may be used

or the attendee can simply type over the placeholder sample text and add their own text.

Send to selected email addresses

Add email addresses, separated by a comma, for the presenters or company giving the webinar to receive the Contact Us emails.

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