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The Contact Us components are the go-to for new attendees on a mission. Attendees use it when they have questions and genuinely want to speak to an individual at your organization.


  • Connect with Users. It lets people easily interact with the website, promoting communication.

  • Get Help. Users can easily ask questions or seek support, making their experience better.

  • Build Trust. Sharing contact info shows a real team behind the website, making it more trustworthy.

  • Share Thoughts. Users can give feedback, helping businesses understand them and improve.

  • Business Connections. The "Contact Us" section helps with business-like partnerships or collaborations.

  • Easy Information. It makes it simple for users to find information or ask for help, making the website more accessible.

How to Add Contact Us Component

  1. Click the Components on the toolbar on the top menu next to Interface Builder.

  2. Scroll down and find Contact Us, then click Add.

  3. After clicking the Add button, you'll see it added to your component toolbox with a Contact Us icon.

  4. Click the Contact Us icon, and a window box will open. Then, click the gear icon and choose Configure.

  5. Now, you will see a window with text fields for Pinned Message, Customize Message Placeholder, and Send to selected email addresses.

    1. Pinned Message
      It should be a clear and compelling invitation for attendees to ask for more information. All webinar participants can see the critical or helpful pinned messages.

    2. Customize Message Placeholder

      A customized message placeholder is a sample text to start your Contact Us email. The sample text may be used (see image below).

      The attendee can type over the placeholder sample text and add their text.

    3. Send to selected email addresses

      Add email addresses, separated by a comma, for the presenters or company giving the webinar to receive the Contact Us emails.

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