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The Link component allows you to add a URL that attendees can click on to be directed to the corresponding webpage.


  • Promotes personal page and in-depth information about you or your company.

  • Facilitates easy access to external web content by providing clickable URL links.

  • Enables users to access additional information or related content through embedded hyperlinks.

  • Grants event organizers the flexibility to integrate diverse online resources tailored to the audience's needs.

How to add the Link Component:

  1. Click the Components on the toolbar on the top menu next to Interface Builder.

  2. Scroll down and find the Link, then click Add.

  3. After clicking the Add button, you'll see it added to your component toolbox with a chain icon.

  4. Click the Link icon, then enter the URL that starts with http:// or https://.

  5. Click Save.


To pass audience information via query URL parameters for Link Component, populate Enable Variables. The following variables will be replaced with actual values when the system renders the URL.

Here are some working tokens:

  • ${attendee.firstName}

  • ${attendee.lastName}

  • ${attendee.emailAddress}

​(see image below for visual reference)

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