Component Configuration: Facebook
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The Facebook component allows the presenter to display a Facebook page to be displayed to the audience. This can be a company page, your professional page, or a user group page. Attendees can interact with the Facebook page directly from the webinar.

Add the FaceBook Component

In the Interface Builder, click on Facebook to add it to your interface. The Facebook component appears:

Show posts from this Facebook page URL: To find the URL for the Facebook page you'd like to display, navigate to the page on Facebook. Right-click on the name in the right corner and copy the URL from the address bar in your browser.

Important: Ensure that your Facebook page is published and made public. If the Facebook page is hidden from the public, you won't be able to copy the URL. Additionally, make sure that you are NOT trying to get the URL when you are in full screen. This hides the page URL. Select F11 (Windows) or command + shift + F (Mac) to see the URL.

Show Cover Photo: Select this option if you want your page cover photo to be displayed. Cover photos are professional banners, also known as covers, that are designed specifically for Facebook timelines.

Show Share Button: The Share button allows audience members to add a personalized message to links before sharing on their timeline, within groups, or to their friends via a Facebook Message.

Show Friend's Face: This option displays the profile picture of any friends who like the page. The user visiting the site must be logged into their Facebook account in order for this picture to appear.

Show Page Posts: From the webinar, you can use page posts to promote your page. This reaches an extended audience beyond those who like your page.

What does the audience see?

Once you have added the Facebook component, the audience will see your Facebook page within the webinar.

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