Component Configuration: Header
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The Header Component is where the audience is introduced to the webinar, and most commonly contains the title and company branding.

Within the Interface Builder, the Header component is automatically added to all webinars.

Header Image

  • Dimensions: 650 x 50 pixels

  • Supported formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png

For the bests results, your background color should match the color of your header image. With the background colors the same, you have a cleaner, more cohesive look.

You can also remove the header by clicking the trash can icon in the bottom right.

Use the Image Component for a simple logo or header.

Background Color

Use the color tool user interface tool to select colors and create color schemes.

Within the color tool, you may also insert a hex code. A color hex code describes the composition of a certain color in a specific color space, usually RGB.

The colors selected in the screenshot above would produce the following header:

Text Color

Use the same color picker tool to set your text color.

Header Height

The default header height is 50px but you may adjust the height to fit your desired header.

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