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The Header Component is where the audience is introduced to the webinar, and most commonly contains the title and company branding.


  • User Engagement: It provides a direct means for users to interact with the website, fostering engagement and communication.

  • Customer Support: Users can easily reach out for assistance, questions, or support, enhancing the overall customer service experience.

  • Trust and Credibility: Including contact information instills trust, showing visitors that there is a real entity behind the website, which can enhance its credibility.

  • Feedback Collection: It offers a channel for users to provide feedback, helping businesses understand their audience and improve their services or content.

  • Business Inquiries: A "Contact Us" section facilitates business inquiries, partnerships, or collaborations, allowing external parties to get in touch.

  • Accessibility: It ensures that users have a straightforward way to seek information or assistance, contributing to the website's accessibility.

How to add a Header

  1. Within the Interface Builder, the Header component is automatically added to all webinars.

  2. Once the Header Component opens, there will be four features: Header Image, Background Color, Text Color, and Header Height.

    (see image below)

    1. Header Image

      Suggested image format:

      • Dimensions: 650 x 50 pixels

      • Supported formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png​

      • Header Removal Option: To remove the header, simply click the trash can icon located in the bottom right corner.

      • Image Component Recommendation: Consider using the Image Component for a straightforward logo or header implementation

    2. Background Color

      • Background Color Consistency: Align your background color with your header image for a cleaner and more cohesive look.

      • Color Tool Interface: Utilize the color tool user interface to easily select colors and create harmonious color schemes.

      • Hex Code Insertion: Within the color tool, insert a hex code to specify the composition of a color in RGB, simplifying the color selection process.

      (see image below for visual reference)

    3. Text Color - Use the same color picker tool to set your text color.

    4. Header Height - The default header height is 50px but you may adjust the height to fit your desired header.

Once you are done with the changes, click "Save," and you will notice that the webinar's header will change to your chosen color and font. (see image below)

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