Component Configuration: Social Sharing
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Don't forget to utilize the Social Sharing component which allows attendees to share your webinar with their colleagues on all major social media platforms.

Within Interface Builder add the component Social Sharing to your Interface

Add Cover Image

The cover image is a photo placed at the top section a social media profile page, it is a simple tool that can be used to communicate with your audience, the audience can't neglect it because it is the first thing they see when they visit your profile page.

Click here to add title

Clear, informative social sharing titles like provide more information to search engines, helping prospective attendees understand the webinar's purpose.

Click here to add abstract text

This text gives your followers a preview of what they can expect to find on the webinar. The text that pulls into the post depends on the type of content you're sharing, the social network you're using, and how the link was shared.

Audience Interface Builder View

Audience Interface View

Don't forget, these can be leveraged for the registration page, and thank you page too!

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