Component Configuration: Presenter
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Presenting a webinar can be nerve-racking so we've made it easy to access everything that you'll need so you can focus on the task at hand.

The Presenter Component allows you to add:

  • Introductions that appear on the audience interface

  • Your name, photo, company, and title

  • Social media links

  • A biography

Add the Presenter Component

Select the Presenter Component icon to add to your Audience Interface Builder.

If the Presenter component is already added to your Audience Interface Builder, select Click here to edit.

Select Add Presenter to add a presenter's information in the Customize tab.

Configure Presenter Information

Populate all of the fields you want to display.

With all the presenter's information added, the audience will see the following card:

The audience can click on the card icon to display the presenter's biography and information.

You can also add additional presenters using this console by selecting the Add Presenter button on the Presenter Console.

You also have the option to display this information on your Registration and Thank You pages.

See Create a Webinar: Registration Layout

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