Component Configuration: Interprefy
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Clients that would like to include interpreters in their webinars now have the ability to enable language interpretation. Interpretation is a service that can translate your webinar presentations to whatever languages your audience desires in real-time.

Interprefy Component

Within Interface Builder, add the Interprefy component to your Interface.

Once the Interprefy component is added, click on the Configure menu to set up the component.

Interprefy Token

You will need Interprefy Token to set up the component. This token is unique to each webinar. You need to contact Interprefy service team to generate the token and make sure the captions ability is turned on from Interprefy side.

Pinned Message

The Interprefy component pinned message will appear at the top of the component. This can be used for instructions needed for Interprefy. All attendees can view the pinned messages.

Audience View

The Interprefy component will look similar to the following for audiences.

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