Component Configuration: Resources
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In addition to your webinar presentation, you may want to provide additional resources which may include slides, videos, and links.

Within Interface Builder, add the Resource component to your Interface.

On the Customize tab, add your resources by selecting the Add Resources button.

You may add resources by uploading files or inputting properly formatted website addresses. Below is an example of a PDF file, a video, and a website address.

Supported File Types

avi, bmp ,csv, doc, docx ,flv, gif, jpg, jpeg, mov, mp3, mp4, pdf, png, ppt, pptx, pps, rtf, tif, txt, wma ,wmv ,xls, xlsx, xml

Support File Size

Number of Resources Allowed

Once your resources have been added, you can drag the resources to your desired position, edit a resource, and delete a resource.

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