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The Quiz component gives you the ability to create a quiz with specific questions and answers for webinar attendees. You can define how many questions must be answered correctly in order to pass, as well as allow quiz takers to retake the quiz one or more times if they do not pass.

Within the Interface Builder, add the Quiz component to your Interface.

Select the Customize tab.

Quiz Name

Enter the title of your quiz.

Quiz Description

Add a brief description of the quiz. Try to limit the length to three or four sentences.

Show Quiz

  • On Dock: The Quiz Component will only appear on the left side menu within the Audience Interface.

  • When Webinar Ends: The Quiz Component will only appear as a pop-up at the end of your webinar.

Add Questions button

Click the Add Questions button to add questions to your quiz.

  • Question: Enter the question for your quiz.

  • Description: Add additional text to support and/or describe your question.

  • Question Type: Select the question type from those listed below.

    • Checkbox: Checkbox questions are multiple-choice-type questions. Add as many answers as you want, and respondents can pick as many answers to the question as you allow them to.

    • Dropdown: Use dropdown menus to ask your attendees to choose a single option from a list.

    • Radio Button: Use Radio Button questions to ask your attendees to choose a single option from a short list. Radio Button questions should always be used when asking yes or no questions.

    • Text Area: Use Text Area questions to collect a paragraph or two of text.

    • Text Field: Use Text Fields questions to collect a single-word or short-sentence response. For example, name, street address, or city.

Add Text Button

Add text between questions to encourage or assist attendees.

Add Separator Button

Click to add a separator between questions or sections of questions within the quiz.

Pass Point Percentage
Set the percentage of correct answers required to pass the quiz.

Pass Opportunities

Set the number of times the attendees can retake the quiz. Select the Unlimited check box to b allow the quiz to be taken as many times as desired.

Result Indicator

Select the Hide Result Indicator check box to hide the results of the questions so that attendees will not know immediately if the answer is right or wrong.

The following is a sample quiz as seen within the Audience Interface Builder.

The following shows a sample quiz as seen from the Audience Interface.

Tips to Write a Better Quiz

Use these 10 tips to help you write better quiz questions in your webinar:

  1. Write questions that support your attendee's objectives.

  2. Don’t try to trick your attendees! Keep your questions clear and simple.

  3. For Drag and Drop or Matching questions, don't include too many options in the answer bank. This could get overwhelming for learners. Instead, break a long list of answers into two (or more) separate sections.

  4. Don't rely on True/False questions. They don't test your attendee's knowledge as well as other question types because your learner has a 50/50 chance of answering—or
    guessing—it's right.

  5. If you do use True/False questions, avoid using absolute words like "only," "never" and "always."

  6. Try to avoid using "All of the above" or "None of the above" in your Multiple Choice questions. These can often seem like trick questions or confuse attendees.

  7. Be consistent with answer lengths. Since our brains look for patterns and visual cues, this may make the correct answer too obvious.

  8. Make sure your choices for Multiple Choice questions are grammatically parallel. One differently-phrased choice can mislead attendees.

  9. Use serious distractors—the incorrect choices—for Multiple Choice questions. Distractors aren't the time to make a joke.

  10. Be creative! Attendees will appreciate seeing different question types than the usual ones.

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