Component Configuration: LinkedIn
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Adding a LinkedIn component is very useful for your webinar. It will allow the audience to directly access your company's LinkedIn page from the Audience Interface.

Add the LinkedIn Component

In Interface Builder, select the LinkedIn component.

LinkedIn Company ID: To find your LinkedIn company ID, log into your Admin Console on LinkedIn and navigate to the Organization tab. Click on your company name which will take you to your company setup. In the URL for this page, you will see "id=XXXXX". This code will be anywhere from 4 to 7 digits long. Copy this code and enter it here.

Company Logo: Upload a high-resolution image (at least 300 pixels per inch) of your company logo. This will be displayed within the LinkedIn component.

Company Profile: Enter a brief company profile to be displayed under your company logo within the LinkedIn component of the Audience Interface.

What will the Audience see?

Once all three configuration options are populated, the audience will see the following:

By selecting the LinkedIn Follow button on the bottom, you are taken to the company page on LinkedIn.

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