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Component Configuration: Social Media (Facebook, X Platform or Twitter, LinkedIn and Social Sharing)
Component Configuration: Social Media (Facebook, X Platform or Twitter, LinkedIn and Social Sharing)

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Social Sharing

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Social Media is one of the best ways to market our businesses! That is why we offer these features in our webinar for you!

Using social media like Facebook, and LinkedIn, along with features for easy sharing, brings several advantages to webinars:

  • Extended Reach. Utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to broaden your webinar's audience through easy sharing.

  • Real-time Engagement. Encourage live interaction during the webinar by leveraging features on social media, such as comments and tweets.

  • Networking Opportunities. Platforms like LinkedIn offer post-webinar spaces for attendees to connect and collaborate.

  • Brand Visibility. Regular posts on social media contribute to building anticipation, recognition, and overall brand visibility for your webinar.

How to add the Social Media components:

  1. Click the Components on the toolbar on the top menu next to Interface Builder.

  2. Scroll down and find Facebook, X Platform (formerly known as Twitter), LinkedIn, or Social Sharing then click Add.

Component: Facebook

The Facebook component allows the presenter to display a Facebook page to be displayed to the audience. This can be a company page, your professional page, or a user group page. Attendees can interact with the Facebook page directly from the webinar.

How to configure:

  • Show Posts from this Facebook Page URL: To get the Facebook page URL for display, go to the page on Facebook. Right-click on the page name in the top right corner, and copy the URL from your browser's address bar (see sample image below).


    Make sure your Facebook page is published and set to public. If it's hidden, you can't copy the URL. Also, avoid trying to get the URL in full screen; press F11 (Windows) or command + shift + F (Mac) to reveal the URL.

  • Show Cover Photo: Choose this option to display your page's cover photo, a professional banner designed for Facebook timelines.

  • Show Share Button: Let audience members add a personalized message to links before sharing on their timeline, within groups, or via Facebook Message to friends.

  • Show Friend's Face: This option shows the profile pictures of friends who have liked the page. The user must be logged into their Facebook account for the pictures to appear.

  • Show Page Posts: From the webinar, you can use page posts to promote your page. This reaches an extended audience beyond those who like your page.

What does the audience see?

Once you have added the Facebook component, the audience will see your Facebook page within the component.

Component: X Platform (formerly known as Twitter)

Integrate your X Platform account into your webinar to make it visible to the audience. Your Twitter feed is updated in real-time within the webinar.

​How to configure:

  1. Add your Twitter account alias.

    Note: The @ symbol is already added and you can just add your alias.

  2. Select Allow users to tweet if you want to allow your audience members to share a URL for the webinar on their Twitter feed. A Post button will be available within the component if this option is enabled.

Component: LinkedIn

Adding a LinkedIn component is very useful for your webinar. It will allow the audience to directly access your company's LinkedIn page from the Audience Interface.

​How to configure:

  1. Select the LinkedIn component.

    • LinkedIn Company ID: To find your LinkedIn company ID, log into your Admin Console on LinkedIn and navigate to the Organization tab. Click on your company name which will take you to your company setup. In the URL for this page, you will see "id=XXXXX". This code will be anywhere from 4 to 7 digits long. Copy this code and enter it here.

    • Company Logo: Upload a high-resolution image (at least 300 pixels per inch) of your company logo. This will be displayed within the LinkedIn component.

    • Company Profile: Enter a brief company profile to be displayed under your company logo within the LinkedIn component of the Audience Interface.

What will the Audience see?

Once all three configuration options are populated, the audience will see the following:

By selecting the LinkedIn Follow button on the bottom, you are taken to the company page on LinkedIn.

Component: Social Sharing

Don't forget to utilize the Social Sharing component which allows attendees to share your webinar with their colleagues on all major social media platforms.

​How to configure:

  1. Add the component Social Sharing to your Interface.

    • Add Cover Image: This will be the cover image of your social channel post.

    • Click here to add title: This will be the title of your social channel post.

    • Click here to add abstract text: This will be the body text of your social channel post.

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