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Updated over a week ago offers a set of accessible keyboard shortcuts for attendees. Our accessibility is designed to work for people who experience disabilities, such as visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive impairments, and who may have software using an assistive device.

Registration Page

Accessible keyboard shortcuts using the Tab key to navigate all the links, buttons, and input fields on the registration page.

Use the Tab key as the accessible keyboard shortcut to navigate to all links, buttons, and fields on the registration page.



Input Fields

Media Player

The following shortcuts allow you to control the video by using the keyboard. To disable the shortcuts, use the TAB key or mouse to click outside the Media Player.

Space key

Pause/Play the player

Enter key

Pause/Play the player

p key

Pause/Play the player

m key

Mute/Unmute the player

c key

Show/Hide the closed captioning

s key

Show/Hide the settings menu

Audience Interface

To enter the webinar, the Tab key shifts the focus to the [Enter] button on the holding screen. The Audience Interface element, which is in focus state, will use the UI Accent Color color.

Interface Builder > General Settings


Alt+A is the hotkey for the first component, Atl+B is the hotkey for the second component, and Atl+I is the hotkey for the ninth component on the dock. Hotkey Alt+Z will return the focus to the first dock icon.

The dock navigation tools tips include the hotkey.


The [Attend] and [Enter] are in different colors because the UI Accent Color on the registration page and the interface are set differently.

Component Windows

The component window titles use an arrow and the UI accent color on the left side. With this arrow, the attendees know which component window is in focus state.

When multiple component windows overlap, clicking the Enter key will bring the focused window to the front.

For Group Chat and Q&A, the hotkey Ctrl+Q will shift the focus to the input field for typing.

Using Tab will navigate the Social Media Icons for Social Sharing and the available resources within Resources.

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