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Create a Webinar: Interface Builder: Dynamic Console Layouts
Create a Webinar: Interface Builder: Dynamic Console Layouts
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Dynamic Console Layouts

The Interface Builder allows you to customize your viewer’s experience. From this section, you can add multiple custom Layouts to a webinar for a better Audience experience.

To start you'll need to click the Default Layout option at the top of the Interface Builder:

After clicking Default Layout, you can click Add Layout

Then you'll be prompted to name your new Dynamic Layout

When clicking the Add button you will be able to start with a blank canvas and work your way to the amount of components, sizes and positions of your new Dynamic Layout

In this example we can see the creation of a Dynamic Layout with the Resource component

Next up, we will see the how Dynamic Layouts will be shown for the Audience and how to enable them from the Presenter Console

Dynamic Console Layouts: Presenter Console

After setting up your Dynamic Layouts, when you're ready to Go LIVE, you can go to the Presenter Console and Log in as you normally would;

On the Left Side of the Presenter Console, you'll find a dock with different options, here you can look for the Audience Console Layouts icon and click on it.

After clicking the Audience Console Layouts icon, you'll be prompted to the window that will allow you to push the Dynamic Layouts to the Audience

When clicking Push to Audience, Your viewers will experience a different setup for each one of the Dynamic Layouts created in the Interface Builder

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