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Create a Webinar: Interface Builder
Create a Webinar: Interface Builder
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The Interface Builder allows you to customize your viewer’s experience. From this section, you can add components such as live Q&A, group chat, surveys, resources, and much more. The user-friendly tool allows you to easily adjust the design and layout of your webinar.

Components and Building the Interface

Within the Interface Builder, you can arrange the components of your webinar by selecting the window and dragging it to the desired position.

Additionally, clicking on the window will allow you to resize the window. To resize the window, click on one of the white boxes and drag it to the desired length.

Use the blue and red dotted lines along the side to guide you. You cannot move any components beyond the red dotted line.

In the Components menu, there is a list of components that you can add to the interface.

  • Hover over each icon for a description of each component.

  • Double click on a component in the menu to add it to the interface.

  • To configure a component, click on the gear icon

    on the top right of the component box.

  • Remove a component by clicking the remove icon


Most of the components have three sections: Customize, Properties, and Arrange.


See the Create a Webinar: Component Guide for information on how to customize each component.

Rename the component window by modifying the text in the Name field.

Control the viewer's ability to interact with the component window by establishing and limiting their options.

Manually adjust the size or position of the component window by modifying the values in the allocated field.

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