Reset a live webinar
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WARNING: After reset, the live webinar's recording and/or slide timings will be lost permanently. There is no undo!

When a live webinar was started at the wrong time and, you have the ability to reset it.

How to reset

Here are the steps to reset a live webinar:

  • Login to the Scheduler, navigate to the General Settings page of the live webinar you want to reset. In the Schedules list, you will see a "Reset" button of the live schedule.

  • Click the Reset button and confirm that you want to proceed.

  • Go back to the Presenter Console and refresh the page.

  • You should see the Presenter Console is reset to its original state and you will be able to start it again.

The reset ability is only available within 5 minutes after its end time.

How to reset after 5 minutes

In case you need to reset a live webinar 5 minutes after its end time, send a request to Our support team will reset it upon your request.


We strongly advise you to NOT use this function for rehearsing your webinar. To rehearse your webinar, we suggest you copy the webinar and use the copy for practice.

For further assistance, contact us through chat or send us an email at

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