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How to copy a webinar
How to copy a webinar
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If you already have a scheduled webinar that is set up with polls, surveys, emails, and presenters, you can copy it into a new webinar so that all your settings and configurations will be carried over. This makes it easy to schedule new webinars that are similar to one of your previously configured.

Use the Copy Button

On My Webinars page, click the double square icon on the right side of the webinar list or at the right top corner of a webinar.

Copy a Webinar with Presentation Media

When you also need to copy the recordings/media files from the source webinar, you need to select the checkbox "Copy the presentation media".

By selecting this option, an exact copy of the original webinar including all presentation medias, slides, video clips, interface configuration, etc. will be created. This option can be used to make an exact clone of an existing webinar.

When copying a webinar that has more than one recording, all the recordings, including those discarded, will be copied from the source webinar.

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