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Present a Webinar: How to Advance Slides
Present a Webinar: How to Advance Slides
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We recommend that you upload your slide presentation ahead of time and thoroughly test both your webinar and slides before going live.

Once your slides have been successfully uploaded and rearranged within Slide Organizer, you should preview all slides to ensure a correct conversion. This also allows you to cache your slides, which allows the slides to render faster when presented to the audience.

Prior to the live presentation, you may preview the slide by clicking the Previous and Next text.

After your presentation has gone live, or you are recording a webinar, the Previous and Next text will update to green buttons.

You may advance the slide by selecting the Previous and Next buttons. A red LIVE ribbon appears over the first slide, to indicate which slide is currently being broadcasted to the audience.

During the live presentation or recording, you may navigate forward and backward within your presentation to preview your content. A blue PREVIEW ribbon will display on the item you are previewing.

If you wish to push the content you are previewing to the audience, select Push to Audience and it will interrupt your planned content and push the preview slide to a live slide.

For videos, presenters would push their videos to the audience as outlined above, with an additional step, the presenter must push play on the video.

For video content, we encourage you to use short video clips, for large video files we have a webinar type Presentation from Media File

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