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Present a Webinar: How to Advance Slides
Present a Webinar: How to Advance Slides
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A well-structured webinar presentation is critical to keeping your audience engaged. But imagine fumbling around, desperately clicking buttons, trying to find the correct keystroke to get to the next slide. Fear not! offers intuitive slide navigation tools, allowing you to transition between slides and keep your presentation flowing smoothly and seamlessly.

Setting Up the Stage for Success:

Even before the presentation begins, we recommend that you upload your slide presentation ahead of time and thoroughly test both your webinar and slides.

Let's explore the different navigation methods:

The Classic Clicker

Before the live presentation, you can just preview the slides by clicking the Previous and Next buttons.

When the webinar goes live or you start recording a session, these buttons will update to green buttons.

A red LIVE ribbon will appear over the slide to indicate which slide is being broadcasted.

The Thumbnail Grid

During the live presentation or recording, navigate forward and backward within your presentation by clicking on the slide thumbnail to preview your content.

A blue PREVIEW ribbon will display on the slide you are previewing.

A Push to Audience button will replace the Previous/Next buttons, and clicking this will broadcast the current slide you are previewing.

For video clips, presenters will need to push these with an additional step: click the Play button within the content to play the video for the audience.

When a video is pushed, all presenters are muted to prevent sound feedback and automatically unmuted after the clip ends.

To do a voiceover while the video is playing, click on the Unmute button.

Would you be planning to present a long video for the audience? Try these webinar types instead:

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