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Presenter Experience: Layouts
Presenter Experience: Layouts
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With the new layouts, you can add dynamism to your webinars and will also give the Producers the chance to adjust the size and position of each presenter's webcam. This will allow you to integrate your branding if used in conjunction with Scenes and Layouts. Your broadcasts will be more engaging this way!

💡 Layouts can be used in conjunction with Scenes (Backgrounds), and Overlay images for a totally new experience


First, you need to access your Presenter Console, log in, and connect your Camera and Audio.

Now, please click on the View Presenter button in the top-right menu. Below the presenter’s list you will see the option Manage Experience.

Once you click on it the Manage Experience window will appear.

In the Preview Screen, you will be able to see the current Layout used, which in this case should be the Default Mode, on the right side, you will see the presenter’s list. Here you have the same functionality as in the previous menu with the addition that now you can mute/unmute all cameras and microphones at the same time (at the bottom), but also decide which presenters will participate in the Layout and their positions.

Now, to select the Layout, please click on the Change Layout button below the Preview Screen.

This will show you a list of 55 different layouts for up to 12 presenters shown on camera!

Please select the Layout that better serve your needs and click on it. This will take you back to the Manage Experience window and you will notice that the new layout now appears on the preview screen. The next step will be to select the position for each Presenter webcam that you want to show, you may have noticed that the preview layouts have some small numbers for each webcam, this will be the order associated with each presenter you select. Now, just press Push to Audience. This will execute the change and show it to your audience. You will be able to see the effects on the small preview screen on the left side of the Presenter Console

ⓘ If you do not select the position of each presenter the button Push to Audience won't show the results. So if you are testing Layouts make sure to have the correct amount of presenters

💡 Layouts can be used in conjunction with Scenes (Backgrounds), and Overlay images for a totally new experience.


For a Layout with three cameras and three presenters, the first presenter selected will appear on screen 1, the second presenter selected will appear on screen 2, and so on.

💡 This is completely dynamic so it can be used multiple times during your session, you can provide a TV News production experience.

If you want to go back to the default settings just press the new Enter Default Mode button. This will always appear once you have selected a Layout.

Pre-assigning Layouts

💡 You can now assign Layouts in advance to the presenters that will be on the session.

This Feature will allow you to select which Layouts you want beforehand, this will reduce the presentation set up time.

To Pre-assign a Layout, first we need to click on the View Presenters button in the top-right menu. Below the presenter’s list you will see the option Manage Presenters.

After Clicking Manage Presenters, you will be prompted to log the presenters to whom you want to assign Layouts

You can also edit previously added presenters:

After adding the presenters you can click the Manage Experience option

After Clicking Manage Experience you will be prompted to the following window, here you can select the Preassign option

💡 From the Manage Experience window, you can also control the Microphones and Cameras of the presenters.

Now you can start Pre-assigning Layouts to your presenters

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