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Presenter Experience: Scenes (Background)
Presenter Experience: Scenes (Background)
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While you can rock a webinar with just your presenter's webcam, Scenes add a new level of polish and professionalism!

Here's the deal: By default, the media player shows a placeholder image when webcams are muted—think a generic picture or maybe one you uploaded (if you have that feature). Then, when presenters turn on their webcams, their glorious faces fill the screen, but the background remains plain black.

Scenes come to the rescue! They allow you to customize the look and feel of the entire media player area, adding some visual depth and pizzazz to your presentation. You can choose a background that best suits your needs, whether a simple background color or a more elaborate image complements your topic.

So ditch the boring black background and unleash your creativity with Scenes! This slight touch makes a big difference in the overall presentation experience for you and your audience.

Scenes (Backgrounds) can be used with Overlays and Layouts for a new experience.

How to Upload Scenes

Once your background images are ready, you can upload them to your webinar by:

  1. Select the webinar where you want to display your media player background image, then enter the Interface Builder.

  2. Within the Interface Builder, go to the Media Player component settings by clicking the Gear icon at the component's header. Then select Configure.

  3. Under the Scene section, click the Manage button, and the Manage Scene window will appear.

    You will see the In Use section to the left and two tabs to the right: Library and Public Library, which have some pre-made scene images that you can select.

  4. Upload your overlay images by clicking on the Browse button.
    Supported Scenes (Background) Image Size and Format:

    • Supported resolution: 1920x1080

    • Supported format: .png

Managing the Scenes

Saving to the Library

The media player background you upload will be in the In Use tab. This means the scene image can only be used in this specific webinar, but you can save it for future use in another webinar. To do this:

  1. Within the In Use tab, click the Save to Library hyperlink, and the system will save the overlay image in your library.

  2. Review the image in the Library tab.

Manage Existing Scenes

To use one of the options from the Library, select the image you prefer and click Save.

  • To remove the Scene, click the Clear Scene hyperlink below the bottom-left side of the preview screen.

  • To delete the scene images, click on the Trash Icon below them.

How to Use the Scene

Once the media player background has been selected and all configurations have been saved, you must follow the instructions to change your Layout (presenters' webcam appearance and positions) so your audience can see the Scene.

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