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Can I change the mute image that appears when I mute my camera?
Can I change the mute image that appears when I mute my camera?
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When muting your camera from within the presenter console, an image will display within the media player, and its branding may be swapped out with your own.

How do I change the image that appears when I Mute?​

  1. First, enter into the event's interface builder.

  2. Then, click on the gear icon within the Media Player component.

  3. A side menu will appear, allowing the option to Customize Webcam Mute Image.
    Click Upload to set the desired image to be used when muted:


  • Be sure to update your mute image before entering the Presenter Console.

  • For maximum quality, ensure your image is sized at 1920x1080.

  • Ensure that your background image is in PNG format, as it is the only supported format with transparency.

If you still need to upload a background image in the Audience Interface Builder and a default background is set for your account, that default background will be shown.

Also, please remember that using a Scene overlaps the Webcam Mute Image, which conceals it from view.

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