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The Presenter Console - Logging in & Getting Connected
The Presenter Console - Logging in & Getting Connected
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Housekeeping Before Login:

  • Please ensure you are using a Desktop or Laptop computer ONLY, as iPads, tablets, and cellphones are not supported for presenters hence we cannot guarantee a smooth experience. ​

  • If using headphones please make sure they are wired and not Bluetooth as their connection could be lost or their battery could run out mid webinar causing audio issues.

  • Please ensure you are using a supported browser- these include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based). Internet Explorer and Safari are not supported.

  • If you are unsure if your system meets the requirements to connect, you can always use the system check link to be sure.

Logging In:
Fill in your first name, last name, and email address in the box on the right side of your screen. Then press “Login”.

Getting Connected:
After logging into the presenter console & depending on the configuration of your event.

You may receive the below prompt acknowledging consent for the use of your Webcam & Microphone. Simply click "Agree" to complete the automated connection steps.

Immediately when you log in you will see a screen that looks very similar to this:

Navigating to the top right of the page will allow you to choose your primary connection method. Choosing to connect either by Phone dial-in, or Computer with the use of your Webcam and Microphone.

When choosing "Computer" you should expect this prompt to disappear, only for a few seconds, as scans for any available webcam or microphone connected to your computer.

Once this scan is complete, the prompt seen below will appear for you to select an option:

"Audio Only" - Only your computer's microphone will be used.
"Use Camera" - Connect using both your camera and microphone.

Note: Even if you are not presenting with a Camera, if others are, we strongly suggest you select the “Use Camera” option, so that you can see other presenter webcams. If you select “Audio Only” you will still be able to hear them but not see their Camera, even if they have them on.

Once completed the connection steps, you can click "view presenters" -
where you may see all the other presenters at the event, with their camera and audio controls.

Please note your camera will remain muted when you log in.
If you are joining for the first time, or connectivity is lost during the presentation, you won't interrupt any other presenters who could be speaking at the time, allowing you to reconnect seamlessly.

Once you are fully connected the media player box will appear on the top left of your screen. If there are other presenters logged in and talking, or if the presentation is live, you should see speakers in that box. If there is no one logged in/speaking, the box will show as seen below.

Returning to the top right, you will see the mute controls of both your camera and audio

Unmute your audio by clicking on the icon for the microphone as seen below.
You will know your audio is being picked up correctly when the blue waveform bounces with your voice

When activating your camera, click the camera icon, this message will appear confirming you want to broadcast your camera to the audience:

Once you click yes, you should be able to see yourself in the top left media player.
If everything is working, congratulations, there are no more steps required for you to connect!

Having Trouble Getting Connected?

  • Ensure your selected browser has your camera and microphone permissions set to “Allow”.
    Inspect your browser's URL address bar, for the lock icon to adjust each site's permissions.

  • Make sure your browser is up to date.

  • Disconnect from any and all VPNs. These will often slow down your network and may prevent you from streaming your camera.

  • Ensure all other video-sharing platforms are closed. This includes Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc.

  • Request your webcast producer to enable TCP tunneling for your connection.

  • Close all additional tabs or apps that may be taking up additional bandwidth.

  • Refresh your page & clear your browser's cache.

Connecting Via Phone & Backup Connections.

If you would like to connect & present via phone, or your webcast producer has advised you need to use a backup connection. Follow these steps to dial in and present your event over the phone.

If you are already connected via Computer/Camera you may need to "hang up" and connect again:

This time select Phone:

You will see a box with different countries & dial-ins, select the location and numbers closest to your local calling area. Be sure to take note of the Webinar number and Presenter code required for entry upon dialing in.

Presenter Console requirements:

Here are the system requirements needed to use the Presenter Console.



Operating System

Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

macOS 10.14+

Ubuntu 18.04+, Debian 10+

Web Browser

Google Chrome 105+

Mozilla Firefox 105+

Microsoft Edge 105+


1 Mbps and above


2GB of RAM (minimum), 4GB or more RAM (recommended)

Camera, microphone, and speakers

Browser version

For the best experience, we recommend using the latest version of the web browser you are attempting to use.

Minimal hardware requirements

When your device is on minimal hardware requirements, it is recommended to mute the camera and avoid screen sharing.

Screen sharing recommendation

When you need to do screen sharing, the recommended RAM is 8GB or above.

Virtual background requirements

To use virtual backgrounds, your system must fit the following requirements:


Minimal requirements

Operating system

Windows 10 or newer

macOS Catalina 10.15 or newer


2.5 GHz 2+ core CPU (Intel Core I, Athlon, or Ryzen series)


Integrated 2015 or newer

Discrete 2012 or newer

For further assistance, contact us through chat or send us an email at

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