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Adding and Applying Virtual Backgrounds
Adding and Applying Virtual Backgrounds
Updated over a week ago includes the ability to add a simple blur to the space behind you or even a complete background replacement with a custom image.

Let's walk through how to add images and activate the filter.​

Adding Virtual Background Images:

To add your first virtual background image, navigate to your account's background library from the books icon on the left-hand nav rail.

From there, click the blue "Add Background" button to upload your custom image. You must upload either a JPEG or PNG image for the virtual background.

It's important to remember these quick watch-outs:

  • Background images may be uploaded anytime, even while you're live & streaming!

  • All images uploaded will be corrected to a 16:9 (1080x720) aspect ratio to ensure complete coverage of your background.

  • PNG transparency is not supported and will convert to black space if included.

How to apply the virtual background:

Once you've uploaded all the desired images, you can connect to the presenter console and test the newly uploaded image.

After connecting to the Presenter Console, you can click on either the "view devices" or the sparkles within the media preview to open the settings for your devices; from there, you can apply your desired image or a simple blur for a virtual background.

Your selection of an image will be noted with an orange check mark, and you will instantly see the background image applied as you click on each image. Once selected, background images are applied instantly and viewable by the webinar audience.

Click the "None" option to remove all filters from your camera and restore its default image.

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