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Present a Webinar: How to use Slide Organizer
Present a Webinar: How to use Slide Organizer
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As the presenter, you will be expected to ensure that the webinar runs smoothly. The best webinar presentations are highly visual and engaging. Learn to think creatively, and your webinar will come to life.

While you can add slides, videos, polls, and URLs as content items, it is important the order in which you present them. There may be a time you want to rearrange your slides after upload or even right before the webinar start, believe it or not, you can do that.

Once your content is uploaded you may rearrange your content using our Slide Organizer

Click on Slide Organize to see all the content you uploaded. The content will appear in the order content was uploaded

Click on a content item or slide and you can drag it to your desired location. For example, most presenters will want their polls within their webinars, maybe a video second, and the URL for support early within the webinar

As you rearrange your content using the Slide Organizer, the presentation window will automatically update for all presenters currently connected to Presenter Console, and without any additional steps your slide window is updated too, even mid-webinar

To grab a slide deck all at once in the Slide Organizer to place the slides decks in any desired order, use the SHIFT CLICK function (in blue).

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