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Present a Webinar: View Slide Notes
Present a Webinar: View Slide Notes
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Ever feel a little lost between slides during your webinar? Or maybe you worry about forgetting the key details you wanted to mention. Well, fret no more, as supports a fantastic feature: slide notes—your personal cheat sheet hidden from the audience but readily available to you, the presenter.

The Power of Slide Notes:

Think of slide notes as your secret weapon. They can be:

  • Memory Joggers: Jot down bullet points, keywords, or specific details you want to emphasize alongside each slide. These quick reminders ensure you stay on track and hit all the critical points.

  • Script Snippets: Craft short, conversational prompts within your notes to guide your delivery and keep your presentation flowing naturally.

  • Visual Cues: To avoid fumbling during your presentation, include notes about animations, speaker transitions, or visual elements on your slides.

How to View the Slide Notes

If notes are added to any slide of your uploaded PowerPoint file, you will see the Open Notes hyperlink at the lower-right corner of the Presentation window.

Click on it and the Notes window that contains the slide note will pop out.

The Notes window can be moved to any desired location within the Presenter Console and will automatically update as you progress through your slides.

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