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Create a Webinar: Registration Layout
Create a Webinar: Registration Layout
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The journey to a successful webinar begins with the registration process. It's your audience's first impression, and you want it to be positive! With, you can design a customized registration layout that captures attention, gathers essential information, and sets the stage for an engaging webinar experience.

What's more? You also get to customize the post-webinar landing page!

Personalize Your Registration and Thank You Pages Layout

The Layout section allows you to customize how the elements on the Registration and Thank You pages will be displayed for audiences on desktop and mobile devices.

Adding and Removing Elements

Add an element by clicking the Add Element button and selecting the checkbox of the desired element.

To remove an element from your layout, hover over the specific element and click the X button.

Organizing the Elements

By dragging and dropping the different element boxes, you can reorder how they appear when displayed to your viewers.


Choosing the Right Layout

Choose between a two-column or single-column layout using the icons at the bottom-left of the desktop layout.

Here's a quick guide to help you decide:

  • Go Single Column If: You prioritize a simple, mobile-friendly registration process with minimal distractions.

  • Go Two Column If: You want to showcase additional information alongside the registration form and create a more visually engaging layout.

Preview Your Layout

To review your current layout, click the Preview button at the top-right corner of the page and select the page you want to preview.

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