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Create a Webinar: Registration Elements
Create a Webinar: Registration Elements
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Select the Elements tab to update the Registration Elements.

In this area, you can select optional elements to add to your registration and thank you page. Select the Edit button next to the element you want to modify.

Webinar Abstract and Thank You for Attending Text

These Elements will be displayed on the registration page and thank you page.

  • You can edit the header name by modifying the text in the Section Header Label or check the box to hide the header.

  • You can utilize the description box to fill in the information about your webinar.

Calendar Reminder

The Calendar Reminder element allows a viewer to set a reminder on their calendar with a few clicks of a button.

  • The Text field will be what is displayed on the registration page for the viewer.

  • The Reminder Description is used to populate the calendar reminder with the webinar abstract.

  • Notification can range from 1 hour before or 1 week before the webinar.

After making the desired changes, select Save.

The following Calendar Reminders appear on the registration page based on which calendars were selected.

Social Reminder

The Social Reminder element allows your viewers to share information about your webinar through social media.

  • You can add a title and description about your webinar by modifying the text in text fields.

  • Click on the Add Cover Image button to include a logo or picture representing your webinar or company.

  • In the Enable Social Channels section you can establish which links you want to appear on the registration page.

You can preview what the icons and post will be by selecting the Preview button.

Depending on which Social Channels you enable, the icons will be displayed on the registration page. By clicking on the icon, the viewer can quickly share the webinar information on their social media accounts.


The Presenter element allows you to customize the section header that is displayed on the Registration and Thank You pages.

  • To modify the section header, modify the text in the Section Header Label text box.

Once you have made your changes, click Save.

Splash Images

With the Splash Images element, you can add a slide show of photos to be featured on your Registration page.

  • Click on Add Image and select a photo or drag the file into the window to upload the photo. Repeat the process to add more photos.

You can remove a photo you have uploaded by selecting the delete icon.

  • By default, this element will not be enabled. You can enable it in the Layout section.

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