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Create a Webinar: Registration Elements
Create a Webinar: Registration Elements
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A well-designed registration form acts as a bridge between potential attendees and your insightful webinar. With Registration Elements, you can select optional elements to add to your Registration and Thank You page. You can just hit the Edit button next to the element you want to modify.

Webinar Abstract

The webinar abstract is like a mini-trailer for your presentation. It's your chance to tell attendees what your webinar is about and why they should attend.

Thank You for Attending Text

Let your attendees know how much you appreciate their attendance at your webinar. Here, you can craft a personalized message of thanks.

For the Webinar Abstract and Thank You for Attending Text elements, you can:

  • Edit the header name by modifying the text in the Section Header Label or tick the Hide Header checkbox to hide the header.

  • Utilize the description box to fill in the information about your webinar or message to your attendees.

Calendar Reminder

This element allows a viewer to set a reminder on their calendar with a few clicks of a button.

  • Instruction Text: Use this field as the call-to-action (CTA) to add the event to their calendar. What you write here will be displayed on the registration page.

  • Reminder Description: What you write here will appear as a reminder message in your calendar app.

  • Notification: Can range from 1 hour before or one week before the webinar.

  • Calendar: The following Calendar Reminders appear on the registration page based on which calendars were selected.

Social Sharing

This element allows viewers to share information about your webinar through social media.

  • Add a title and description of your webinar by modifying the text in the text fields.

  • Click the Add Cover Image button to include a logo or a photo representing your webinar or company.

  • In the Enable Social Channels section, select which platforms you want to appear on the registration page.

    The icons will be displayed on the registration page depending on which Social Channels are activated. The viewer can quickly share the webinar information on their social media accounts by clicking a specific icon.


This element allows you to customize the section header displayed on the Registration and Thank You pages.

To modify, edit the text within the Section Header Label and hit save.

The content of the Presenters section will need to be added within the Interface Builder - Presenter component. Click here to learn more.

Splash Images

Make your webinar registration page stand out with a captivating slideshow! Upload multiple images that will rotate automatically.

  • Image Size Recommendations:

    • Single Column Layout: For a clean and visually balanced look, we recommend using images 960 pixels wide.

    • Double Column Layout: To ensure your images fit seamlessly within the two-column layout, a width of 450 pixels is ideal.

  • Supported Formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF.

Pro Tip: Choose images that are relevant to your webinar topic and visually appealing to grab your audience's attention!

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