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Create a Webinar: Email Notifications
Create a Webinar: Email Notifications
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Within this section, you can customize the emails that get sent out to your viewers. There are three types of default emails that you can send out to your viewers.

Registration Confirmation
This email sends a confirmation that the viewer signed up for your webinar.

Thank you for Attending
After the webinar is completed, an email is sent with your thank you message, to the viewer.

We Missed You
If an individual signed up for the webinar did not show up, they will receive an email message that can provide information on how to join the next webinar or view the OnDemand version.

  • Under the Send Date/Time Section, you can select an option from the drop out to determine when an email will be sent.

  • To edit the content of these emails, select the Edit button.


Variables are used to bookmark the places that will contain actual values, such as the viewer’s name, webinar name, and the date of the webinar. The variables can be used multiple times and any formatting used will apply to the real email.

What variables are available in reminder emails?

See the Formatting Guide for information on how to use the formatting toolbar.

  • Change the Subject information by modifying the Subject text field.

  • The body of the email can be changed by modifying the text in the Message Text field.

Click the "Enabled" box to Enable or Disable an email. By default, all email types are enabled.

To preview the changes you have made, click the [Send Test Email] button. You will have the option to send the email to any email address, separated by a comma.

Add Reminder Emails

You can create and schedule a reminder by clicking the Add Reminder Email.

When adding Reminder Emails, you can customize whom you want to send the Email to, based on Registrations or Schedules

When clicking the options for Selected Schedules, the option Select Schedules will appear

After clicking the option, you'll be prompted to the schedules available for your webinar

After this action, you can select the time and date of your Email Reminder and save your Custom Email Reminder

Add Marketing Campaign Code to Emails

When creating an email reminder, you have the option to add a Marketing Campaign Code. This will allow you to get an overview of which viewers are being sent to your webinar from the email.

Select the Add Marketing Campaign Code to Reminder Email box and select the desired code.

See the Campaign Section for more information on Campaigns.

Calendar Reminders Added to Reminder Emails

The following calendar options will be added to all emails by default.

You have the option to disable calendar reminders.

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