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What variables are available in reminder emails?
What variables are available in reminder emails?
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You can add automatically-generated webinar information to an email using the variables listed below. The following variables will be replaced with the applicable info when the system generates emails.

${webinar.title} - Webinar title
${} - Webinar start date
${webinar.time} - Webinar start time
${} - Webinar's Audience URL
${webinar.autoJoinLink} - Webinar's Auto Join URL
${recipient.firstName} - Attendee's first name
${recipient.lastName} -Attendee's last name
${recipient.emailAddress} - Attendee's email address

Important Highlights:

  • If using registrant-specific variables, ensure the fields are required on the webinar's Registration Form.

  • Please note that email variables are case-sensitive. If email variables are not displaying correctly, please check the formatting.

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