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HubSpot Integration with Webhook
HubSpot Integration with Webhook
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Webhooks send data from one web application to another after an action is completed in the source application.

Using Webhooks, can create registrants with data sent from Hubspot.

Learn more about HubSpot Webhook.

Go to HubSpot Webhook

Open the webinar you want to set up the integration, then click on Integration from the left menu.

Then, select the HubSpot Webhook tab.

Note: If you do not see one please contact support at

Set up registration field mappings

Configure the mapping between registration fields and HubSpot contact property. You must collect the following fields from HubSpot in order to map the registration in

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

For registration fields that require attendee selections, a full field mapping is required.

Once all the fields have been successfully mapped, click the Save Mappings button.

Webhook URL

HubSpot will send a JSON payload to this URL with the details about events when they are triggered. This URL is unique per webinar.

Webhook request logs

You can go to the Request History tab to check webhook requests received from HubSpot.

For further assistance, contact us through chat or send us an email at

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