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The Open API of webinar.net is RESTful and uses JSON as the exchanging format. It allows third party applications to manage a user's webinars and the webinar schedules. It also provides the ability to create registrants, update registrant’s profile, and retrieve registrant’s profile.

With webhooks, third party applications can receive new registrant events in real time.

Base URL
The base URL of the different environments:

API Key and Secret
webinar.net uses API Key and API Secret for authentication. You can generate API Key and API Secret by going to Account Settings > Open API > API Credentials in the Scheduler. Each Scheduler user has their own unique API Key. Enable API Credentials

All API requests must provide API Key and API Secret in the HTTP request header like the following:

User Agent
All API requests must include a User-Agent in the HTTP request header as the following:
User-Agent: my-integration/1.2.3

List of user agents

Field Mappings

You can use the Field Mapping names (Field API Key) from Registration to perform various operations related to mapping fields between Relativity and an external data source.

Webinar APIs
• GET /webinars - List Webinars
• POST /webinars - Create a Webinar
• POST /webinars/{webinarId}/copy - Copy a Webinar
• GET /webinars/{webinarId} - Get a Webinar
• PUT /webinars/{webinarId} - Update a Webinar
• DELETE /webinars/{webinarId} - Delete a Webinar

Webinar Schedule APIs
• GET /webinars/{webinarId}/schedules - List All Webinar Schedules
• POST /webinars/{webinarId}/schedules - Add a Webinar Schedule
• GET /webinars/{webinarId}/schedules/{scheduleId} - Get a Webinar Schedule
• PUT /webinars/{webinarId}/schedules/{scheduleId} - Update a Webinar
• DELETE /webinars/{webinarId}/schedules/{scheduleId} - Delete a Webinar Schedule

Registrant APIs
• POST /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants - Add a Webinar Registrant
• GET /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants/{registrantId} - Get a Webinar Registrant
• Registration Form
• GET /webinars/{webinarId}/registration-form/fields - Get a Webinar's Reg Form's Fields

Webinar Webhooks
• POST /webinars/{webinarId/webhooks - Add a webinar webhook for listening of new registrants
• DELETE /webinars/{webinarId}/webhooks/{webhookId} - Delete webhook to stop receiving new registrant

For further assistance, contact us through chat or send us an email at support@webinar.net.

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