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How to Sync Data to Marketo
How to Sync Data to Marketo
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Marketo is a marketing automation platform that helps you manage your leads and contacts, track campaign performance, and measure ROI. Syncing your data to Marketo can help you:

  • Personalize your marketing. Create targeted campaigns and content based on your leads' interests and behavior.

  • Streamline lead nurturing. Automatically nurture leads through the sales funnel with personalized email sequences.

  • Improve sales efficiency. Give your sales reps the information they need to close deals faster.

  • Track campaign performance. See how your marketing campaigns are performing and make data-driven decisions. supports syncing data to Marketo post webinar as well as creating registrants with data sent from Marketo via a Webhook. Click here to learn more.

What you'll need to get started:

  • Use the Marketo account to set up REST API access.

  • A mapping of your fields to Marketo fields.

Setting Up the REST API Access

  1. Open the specific webinar where you want the attendee data synced to Marketo.

  2. Click on Integration from the left menu.

  3. Select the Sync Data to Marketo tab.

  4. The following REST API access information from Marketo will be needed:

    1. Client ID & Client Secret - provided by Marketo custom services for two-legged authentication (OAuth 2.0).

    2. REST API Endpoint - your Marketo REST base URL.

    3. REST API Identity - your Marketo Identity URL.


You will need admin access on Marketo to find the REST API access information.

Once you log into Marketo as admin:

  1. Click on Admin from the top menu. Then, under Integration, click on Web Services from the left side menu.

  2. Within the Marketo Web Services page, you will see the REST API Endpoint and Identity.

  3. Copy the REST API Endpoint and Identity URLs. Then, paste it into the designated boxes in your Sync Data to Marketo page.

  4. To obtain the Client ID and Client Secret, click on LaunchPoint from the left menu.

  5. Find the service you want to use for integration and click View Details to open the service details.

  6. To create a new service, click the New dropdown and select New Service.

    A window will pop out for the service configuration:

    1. Display Name - insert your desired display name for your new service.

    2. Service - select Custom from the dropdown menu to create a custom service tailored for integration.

    3. Description - insert your desired description for the new custom service.

    4. API Only User - select the desired API-only user from the dropdown menu.

  7. Once the service is created, click View Details to get the Client ID and Client Secret.


After pasting the REST API access information to the designated boxes, click the Save button, and the hyperlink Change will appear next to Marketo REST API Access, allowing you to update your information anytime.

Setting Up the Mappings

To sync registrants and their activities to Marketo, you must set up the Field Mappings and Activity Mappings.

Field Mappings

By default, adds and pre-populates two Marketo Objects:

  • Lead - a standard Marketo Object that allows for data interchange of person and person-related data.

  • webinarAttendance_c - a suggested custom Marketo Object that allows for data interchange of webinar and attendee data.

You can update the Marketo Object Names to your target Custom Objects and then add or remove the desired fields within the objects to match your Marketo fields.

Inside the Field Mappings, you will also have the ability to add additional field types and fields such as:

Field Types

Available Fields

Activity Summary

  • Viewed Resource

  • Q&A Question Asked

  • Group Chat Participated

  • Quiz Passed

  • Survey Participated

  • Contacted Us

  • Referred a Colleague


  • Attendance Status

  • Attended

  • Attended Live

  • Attended On-Demand

  • Attended Live Date

  • Attended On-Demand Date

  • Live Duration (Minutes)

  • On-Demand Duration (Minutes)

Continuing Education

  • Certificate Issued

  • Credits Earned

  • Total Watched Minutes

  • Live Watched Minutes

  • On-Demand Watched Minutes

  • Total Watched Time

  • Live Watched Time

  • On-Demand Watched Time


  • Marketo Lead ID


* Will only display the available poll fields when there are polls added *


* Will display the preloaded registration fields and added custom field/s *

Additionally, these fields are available within the Registrant field type:

  • Registrant ID

  • Registration Date

  • Registration Source

  • Campaign Code


* Will only display the available survey fields when there are survey questions added *


  • Webinar ID

  • Webinar Title

Webinar Reporting

  • Total Registrations

  • Total Live Attendees

  • Total On-Demand Attendees

  • Total No Shows

  • Total QA Questions Asked

  • Total Resource Downloads

  • Total Poll Responses

  • Total Survey Responses

  • Total Quiz Responses

  • Total Continuing Education Completions

Activity Mappings

Specify the mappings between the attendee activities and Marketo's Custom Activities.

Click View Attribute for additional information.

Each activity's required attributes and descriptions are displayed for easier identification and configuration of Custom Activities within Marketo.

If activity syncing is not required, you can mark the Disable Activity Sync checkbox to turn it off.

Filter Registrants

You can use filters to sync only matched registrants or exclude matched registrants from syncing to Marketo.

View Sync Tasks and Status

Click on View Details to see the detailed information on each task, including the following:

  • Creation Date - displays the date and time the sync task is created.

  • Start Date - displays the date and time the sync task started.

  • Status - displays the sync task status (Completed or Failed).

  • Duration - displays the duration it took to finish the sync task.

  • Registrants - displays Selected Registrants/Synced Registrants/Failure.

  • Field Mappings - displays the mapping of field display names to target field names.

  • Activity Mappings - displays the mapping of activity display names to target field names.

  • Registrant Filters - displays the filters applied for the specific sync task.

  • Error (if any) - displays the error message that caused the sync task to not fully complete or fail.

Sync Task Details - Completed

Sync Task Details - Failed

Auto & Manual Sync

The sync between and Marketo can be automatic or manual, and the sync can be turned on or off anytime.

For Live webinars, the data sync happens after the Live webinar schedule ends and will only occur once. For On-Demand webinars, the data sync happens daily at midnight.

A manual sync can be performed anytime by clicking Start New Sync.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sync the poll activities?

  • There are two ways to sync audiences' poll activities:

    • Use activity sync.
      Audiences' poll activities can be synced to Marketo as Custom Activities by checking the Submit Poll Response checkbox.

      Activity sync lets you sync the poll title and response submission date to Marketo. If you also want to sync audiences' poll responses, you can use the custom object.

    • Use custom objects with field mappings.
      Go to Field Mappings and click + Add Marketo Custom Object. Please just type in pollAnswer_c as the target custom object name (you can choose other names as you see fit.) Then, click + Add Field Mapping to open the dialog window.

      Once the Poll Field type is selected, you should be able to see all the available Poll fields.

      Generic Poll Fields:

      • Poll ID

      • Poll Title

      • Poll Answer

      • Poll Answer ID

      • Poll Answered Date

      With the presence of one of these fields, will pull all the poll responses of matched registrants and create rows for each response. For example, the following are the four poll responses of two matched registrants:

      Adding generic poll fields into the mapping, will send all four poll responses to Marketo.

      Specific Poll Fields

      In the screenshot below, the following poll fields are of particular polls:

      • Poll #1

      • Poll #2

      Please note that Poll #1 is the title of a specific poll—the same for Poll #2. If the title of your poll is, This is the first poll. Then, you will see the dropdown menu like the following:

      With specific poll fields, will only send the specified poll responses to Marketo.
      For example, when you add a poll field, This is the first poll to field mappings; with the following data, the responses of the Second poll will not be sent to Marketo.

      IMPORTANT: Generic poll fields cannot be used with Specific poll fields.

What are the examples of poll response field mapping?

  • The following is a custom object field mapping example to sync poll responses.

    It matches with the following Poll Answer custom object on the Marketo side.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure to add Poll Answer ID as Dedupe Field.

    Its fields look like the following:

    The following fields are NOT mandatory. They are added only for demonstration purposes.

    • Email Address

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Webinar ID

    • Webinar Title

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