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Eloqua is a software as a service (SaaS) platform for marketing automation offered by Oracle that aims to help B2B marketers and organizations manage marketing campaigns and sales lead generation. supports syncing data to Eloqua post webinar as well as creating registrants with data sent from Eloqua via Webhook. Click here to learn more.

Authorize API access

First of all, open the webinar that you need to set up the integration, then click on Integration from the left menu. Select the Sync Data to Eloqua tab. You should be able to see Authorize Eloqua API Access as below.

Click on the Authorize button. Then, you should see Eloqua's authorization page, as below. Click on the Login button.

Enter your Company Name, Username, and Password to sign into Eloqua.

Click Accept to authorize platform to access your account.

After clicking Accept, Eloqua's page will close automatically and on the Sync Data to Eloqua tab, you should see the hyperlink Manage appears next to Eloqua API allowing you to update your information at any time.

Set up field mappings

To sync registrants and their activities to Eloqua, you will need to set up Field Mappings and Activity Mappings.

Click on Set up Field Mappings link to open the field mappings page. By default, the field mappings page is blank.

Click on + Add Eloqua Object and then fill in the name of the target object on Eloqua side to receive the data. Then, click on + Add Field Mapping to configure the field mapping. The following fields are available.

  • Activity Summary Field

  • Attendance Field

  • Continuing Education Field

  • Eloqua Field

  • Poll Field

  • Registrant Field

  • Survey Field

  • Webinar Field

  • Webinar Reporting Field

Once you finish the setup, you should see the field mappings page similar to the following.

Note: With the Eloqua Campaign ID in the mapping, the Eloqua Campaign ID input field will show up. You will need to fill in the Campaign ID you are using on Eloqua side. The field Eloqua Campaign ID is used as a unique identifier for campaign actions.

Filter registrants

You can use filters to only sync matched registrants to Eloqua or exclude matched registrants from being synced over.

View sync tasks and status

Select View Details to see the detailed information of each task, including the field mappings, activity mappings, registrant filters, as well as any failure messages.

Auto & manual sync

The sync between and Eloqua can be automatic or manual, and the sync can be disabled or enabled at any time.

For Live webinars, the data sync happens after the Live webinar schedule has ended and it will only happen once. For On-Demand webinars the data sync happens daily at midnight.

A manual sync can be performed at anytime by clicking on Start New Sync.

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