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Create a Webinar: Registration Fields
Create a Webinar: Registration Fields
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The registration process is a gateway to your webinar, and capturing the correct information from attendees is crucial. But with so many options, what details should you collect during webinar registration? We got you! empowers you to customize your registration fields, ensuring you capture the essential information for a successful webinar experience – without bombarding attendees with unnecessary questions.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge to craft powerful registration fields. We'll explore essential and optional fields, delve into best practices for data collection, and even provide some pro tips for creating a user-friendly form that gathers valuable attendee information without unnecessary hurdles.

Must-Have Registration Fields

The registration form will include the First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields and will be set as required by default. streamlines the registration process by utilizing these fields as unique identifiers. This ensures that each registrant can be easily identified within the system, eliminating duplicates and streamlining your attendee management.

  • Name: This might seem obvious, but allowing attendees to register with their full name adds a personal touch and aids in post-webinar communication.

  • Email Address: This is your golden ticket! The email address is crucial for sending webinar reminders, sharing presentation materials, and nurturing leads after the event.

While you can't modify the core functionality of these fields (like making them optional), you can customize their names to suit your needs better.

Optional Fields

Beyond the essentials, you can leverage the preloaded optional fields to gather more specific information about your audience, allowing you to tailor the webinar experience.

  • Company Name: Understanding the companies your attendees represent provides insights into their industry and potential needs.

  • Job Title: Knowing attendees' job titles can help you tailor your presentation or Q&A session to their roles and interests.

  • Location: This can help understand your geographic reach and potentially personalize communication based on time zones. Includes:

    • Country/Region

    • State/Province

    • City

    • Address 1

    • Address 2

    • Zip Code

You can modify the names of these fields and establish whether the viewer will be required to fill out the fields.

Custom Fields allows you to create custom fields to gather information and convey extra information specific to your webinar topic or target audience. This can be anything from areas of expertise to preferred learning styles.

  • Custom Field: Collect any necessary information by creating custom questions for attendees to answer when they register.

  • Custom Text: Insert additional text on your registration form to provide extra context or description for your registrants.

You have complete control over these fields, customizing the field name and the type of information collected (text, multiple choice, etc.) and whether they are mandatory or optional.

Personalize Your Registration Form

Organize the Fields

While offers a predefined order for the registration fields, ensuring a clear and consistent user experience for attendees, you can rearrange the order by clicking and dragging the drag-handler icon () beside a specific field.


Attendee Consent - Terms of Participation

By default, the attendee's consent is enabled but can be disabled for customers who wish not to use it. highly recommends using the attendee consent. Click here to learn more.

Preview Your Registration Form

To review your form, click the Preview button at the top-right corner of the page and select Registration Page.

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