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Create a Webinar: Registration Fields
Create a Webinar: Registration Fields
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From your My Webinars dashboard, select your webinar to update your Registration form.

Select the Registration tab.

The Registration Form can be customized in the Fields tab of the Registration section and is used to collect registration information from viewers.

By default, the registration form will include First Name, Last Name, and Email. Several options such as Company, Phone Number, and Zip code, will be displayed as optional fields.

These fields are highly customizable.

Click the Add Field button to create a new registration field.

Click the Add Text button to add text and information to the registration page.

By clicking on a field within the list, you can edit the name and field type.

You can establish whether the viewer will be required to fill out the field upon registration by checking the Required box.

Traditionally, text fields are used for users to input their information, however, sometimes a drop-down selection is more desirable.

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