Create a Multi Registration Page
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For those clients who have a webinar series, or a theme, you’d like to share with audiences, multi-registration feature is the tool you need. Multi-registration reduces barriers to registration by allowing registrants to sign up for more than one webinar at a time. allows you to create, edit and customize professional and user friendly Multi Registration Pages in just minutes.

To begin, select Multi-Registration Pages on the left bar of your dashboard.

Create Page

Click in the Create Page Button at the top right corner

From here you can start setting up your Multi Registration Page, create a name, language and the webinars you wish to add.

When selecting Add Webinars, you will be shown the following page where you can search webinars within folders by their names or webinar keys.

After choosing the webinars, you can click Select and then Save.

Registration Form

After Saving you will be taken to the Registration Form tab, here you can select if you want to combine the registration forms or if you want to use the shared fields amongst the webinars selected.

Next step will be clicking Generate.

Next up you can configure the fields you want to be displayed on the Multi-Registration page.


Within this tab you can configure the elements of the Multi-Registration page.


With the Brand tab you can set up the visual aspects of your Multi-Registration page.


If you want to know where your attendees came from? Add codes to your URL's and easily track the source of each registration.

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