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Is GDPR Compliant?
Is GDPR Compliant?
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Yes! is committed to helping our customers and partners by protecting and respecting personal data, no matter where it is from or where it flows.’s Legal, Trust, and Privacy teams have carefully analyzed GDPR and taken the necessary steps to ensure we comply. As we move forward, is fully committed to enhancing its platform to enable easier compliance with the GDPR.

For more information on the GDPR and, visit the page The GDPR and

Attendee Consent - Terms of Participation

Meeting GDPR Requirements - Let’s say that John Doe is a registrant on the Application and an EU citizen. John is the Data Subject (End User). Any Customer using the Application to host a webinar is the Controller. acts as the Processor of John’s data on behalf of the Customer. makes collecting, tracking, and managing consent as straightforward as possible.

On our Customer registration page, we will provide proper notice to John before he provides information to will also collect the appropriate consent when he’s ready to grant it.

Once John submits his information, we will store a copy of the notice that John was provided, information about which consent he provided, and the timestamp of the interaction.

Attendee consent is set up within Registration - Fields. By default, the attendee's consent is enabled but can be disabled for customers who wish not to use it. highly recommends using the attendee consent.

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