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Media Player keyboard shortcuts
Media Player keyboard shortcuts
Updated this week offers a set of accessible keyboard shortcuts for our attendees. These shortcuts allow you to control the video by using the keyboard. To disable the shortcuts, use the TAB key or your mouse to click outside of the Media Player.

Space key

Pause/Play the player

Enter key

Pause/Play the player

p key

Pause/Play the player

m key

Mute/Unmute the player

c key

Show/Hide the closed captioning

s key

Show/Hide the settings menu

Alt+1 is the hotkey for the 1st component, then Atl+2 is the hotkey of the second component, where Atl+9 is the hotkeys for the 9th components on the dock.

📜 Not all alphanumeric keys are available when in full screen mode. Keyboard shortcuts are also not supported in Internet Explorer 8.

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