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Can I customize my component layout for mobile?
Can I customize my component layout for mobile?
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Certainly. Are you looking for ways to ensure that the audience who joins the webinar on the go has the best experience? Not a problem! We offer the ability to customize the Component Layout for Mobile, so you can control the way it looks on mobile devices

As a customer-centric platform, we understand that time and accessibility are important, which is why we provide a dock on top of the mobile screen which can be used to provide quick access to some of the available components. You can add, arrange, or remove the icons on the components’ dock at your discretion. Here's how.


For starters, you need to go to your account and select the webinar you want to work with. Then go to the Interface Builder option in your left side menu.

IMPORTANT: It is necessary to do this step after finishing the webinar design and configuration of the components to use.

Now, go to the Settings on top of the screen, once open scroll down to Mobile Dock, and click on Customize.

Customize Mobile Dock window will appear, on it you will see the Components on Dock and Available Components that you can add to it.

  • To add these components just click on the Plus (+) sign below them.

  • To rearrange just Drag and Drop the icons

  • To delete from the Mobile Dock just click on the Trash Can Icon

For further assistance, contact us through chat or send us an email at

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