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Component Configuration: Breakout Rooms
Component Configuration: Breakout Rooms
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Create added opportunities for engagement by enabling attendees to jump into breakout rooms where they can meet each other, discuss presentation topics with speakers, learn more about the webinar, or meet one-on-one with your sales team.

Within Interface Builder, add the Breakout Rooms component to your Interface.

Select the Customize tab to Add Room.

There are five configuration options for Breakout Rooms:

  • Room Name: Name of your Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting room.

  • Room Description: Short description for your Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting.

  • Image: Upload a thumbnail image that closely corresponds to your Zoom or Microsoft Teams meeting room.

  • Show Room: Select On Dock and the Breakout Room component will appear on the left side menu within the Audience Interface and, if configured, on the audience interface when the webinar ends.

    • Select When Webinar Ends and the Breakout Room component will only appear on the audience interface when the webinar ends.

  • Host On: Choose either a Zoom meeting room, Microsoft Teams meeting room, or Others.

Allow participants to join before the host start the meeting
Permits attendees to join the meeting before the host joins or when the host cannot attend the meeting. This can be enabled to allow participants to join anytime before the scheduled start time.

Mute participant upon entry
You can mute all participants when they join your meeting, and restrict their ability to unmute themselves when you set up your Zoom meeting. This prevents any unwanted interruptions. You can individually unmute participants to allow them to participate or ask questions as needed. It is also possible to Mute All participants from the Participant Management window during your meeting.

Auto approve participants join request
The auto-answer feature allows you to automatically answer group messaging invitations to meetings, from specified users. The auto-answer feature can be helpful in Zoom Rooms where you would like to automatically join a call without the need to accept or answer the invitation.

Enable join passcode
Meetings and webinars can require passcodes for an added layer of security. Passcodes can be set at the individual meeting level or can be enabled at the user, group, or account level for all meetings and webinars. Account owners and admins can also lock passcode settings, to require passcodes for all meetings and webinars on their account and they can configure minimum passcode requirements. Zoom Integration (Add, Usage, Remove)

Add Zoom Integration

  1. Log in to your instance.

  2. Create a webinar using any Presentation Source.

  3. Navigate to Interface Builder and add the Breakout Rooms Component to your interface, then click Configure.

4. By clicking on [Authorize Access] you are adding the Zoom Integration. Zoom Integration Usage

Once the Zoom Integration is added, complete the following:

  1. Add a start date and time, including the timezone.

  2. Select your meeting configuration settings:

  • Allow participants to join before the host starts the meeting.

  • Mute participants upon entry.

  • Auto approve participants join request.

  • Enable join passcode.

The Zoom Integration will create a meeting link to be used within your Breakout Room Component.

Attendees will click on the Breakout Room icon to attend the Zoom Meeting using the Zoom link created.

Remove Zoom Integration

Log into your Zoom Integration Marketplace using your Zoom account, and follow these steps

Click Manage, then Added Apps.

Host On - Microsoft Teams

Place participants in the meeting lobby by default
As the meeting organizer, only you can get into your meeting directly. Everyone else will wait in the lobby. You want everyone else to wait in the lobby until you're ready to admit them.

Authorize Access

Authorize Access
The Zoom API and Microsoft Teams API is used to authenticate and authorize users to make create meetings from within You must authorize you login credentials before selecting a date and time for the meeting.

You may add as many Breakout Rooms as you desire, below is an example of what your audience will see. Clicking on the arrow icon will open the meeting in a new tab.

Note. The webinar will continue as long as the presenter has not stopped the webinar.

Presenters can access the Breakout Rooms without having to register as an attendee. Click the Breakout Rooms icon directly in Presenter Console on the lefthand menu to access the available Breakout Rooms.

Host On - Others

You may add as many Breakout Rooms as you desire, below is an example of what your audience will see. Clicking on the arrow icon will open the meeting in a new tab.

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