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Add another user to your account
Add another user to your account
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If you own a account, you can provide your colleagues access to as needed. Each time you give access to a user, you assign a login to the platform using a seat from your license. 

To increase your seat allotment, contact your sales rep or reach out to

1. Navigate to Account Settings by selecting your profile image in the left-hand navigation bar.

2. Under Personal Settings, Account Settings, select your company name.

3. All users assigned a seat will appear.

Adding a User

Only the owner can add new users.
Owners are identified by the blue "Owner" label displayed next to their name.

As an owner, you can add a new user if you have open seats.
Add a New User:

  • If you're the owner and have open seats, select "Add User."

  • Enter the required name and email address of the new user.

Activation Email:

Resend Activation Email:

  • If the new user doesn't receive the email, you can resend it.

  • Go to the Users tab and select "Resend Activate Email."

Non-Owner Attempt:

  • If you're not the owner and try to add a new user, a window will appear.

  • The owner's name and email address will be displayed.

Inactive Users:

  1. Check User Activation Status:

    • Go to the "Users" tab.

    • Look for users with an assigned subscription seat.

    • If a user has not activated their account, "Not Activated" will be displayed next to their name.

  2. Resend Activation Email:

    • If a user is not activated, consider resending the activation email.

    • Use the "Users" option to resend the activation email to the respective user.

    • Communicate with the user and inform them about the activation process.

    • Advise users to check their spam/junk folder for the activation email.

    • Ensure that they have added to their contacts.

Subscription Seats

Each subscription is entitled to a certain amount of seats or users. If you attempt to add a user and do not have any seats available, the following window will appear.

Select Contact Sales to contact your sales representative to add seats to your subscription.

Deleting a User

You can delete a user by selecting the trashcan icon beside their listing in the user's section. Once a user is deleted, their webinars will remain accessible in the account. However, they will be denoted with a crossed line for the deleted user.

Although the original author of this event has now been deleted, anyone with existing access may enter to make any changes as desired.

For further assistance, contact us through chat or send us an email at

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