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Adding SRT & VTT subtitles to your webinar.
Adding SRT & VTT subtitles to your webinar.
Updated over a week ago users can upload Closed Captioning (Subtitles) in SRT or VTT format to their webinars to make them more accessible for hearing-impaired or international audiences.

If you do not have an SRT or VTT file available, can automatically generate captions for webinars already on demand!

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To upload an SRT or VTT file, follow these steps after completing your recording:

Enter the Lab and navigate to Closed Captioning to add or upload your subtitles.

Subtitles will be used for each of the languages that you have and will show a different set of captions as necessary.

To add subtitles, click on Click here to add a subtitle track.

Add a Title. Then, choose the language.

The Language selector should be used as a guide, as all languages are supported. The Language Label is used to display the language to the Audience.

You can manually add subtitles or upload an SRT or VTT file. If your file is not typed into SubRip (.srt) or WebVTT (.vtt), there are many third-party subtitle conversion tools available for free.

Subtitle Validator

Disclaimer: The websites above are NOT affiliated with

Only one track per language can be displayed in a webinar at a time.

Select the Active checkbox to display the subtitle. You can select as many active subtitle tracks as needed.

Once you're done importing or manually adding subtitles to the track, click Save.

You can Preview, Edit, or Delete your subtitles.

Preview - Select the eye icon of the subtitle to preview the track.

Edit - Select the pencil icon of the subtitle and manually adjust the From, To, and Text boxes.

Delete - Select the trash can icon of the subtitle to delete the track.

If you've made any edits to your subtitles/closed-captioning upload or want to download the subtitles/closed-captioning manually entered, select Edit and click the Download button.

Now that you’ve added subtitles/closed-captioning to your webinar, a CC icon will display in the media window where your audience can turn this feature on, select a track, and get more from the content.

Please note that while Tracks are set for all Media Versions in the webinar, each Media Version has its own Subtitle cue points, so you should always confirm that the Media Version you added subtitles to is used for webinar playback.

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