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Client Admin: Accounts
Client Admin: Accounts
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Within Client Admin, you can manage all your client accounts and account users.


All your accounts will be displayed. The easiest way to organize your accounts is to set up folders, similar to how you manage your email.

How to Access Accounts

  1. Folders are accessible from the Accounts home screen. When logging in, you will see your folders minimized.

  2. Click on the arrow to expand the folders. You can drag and drop any account into any folder at any time. You can create as many subfolders as you desire.

  3. After navigating to Accounts, select Manage.

General Tab

On the General tab, the following editable information is displayed:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Owner

  • Number of Licenses (may not exceed your allocated license number)

  • Time Zone

  • Date Format

  • Language

  • Creation Date

  • Last Modified Date

To disable your account, click the Close Account button. All users will be disabled, and all the webinars created under this account will be closed.

Users Tab

Each account's total number of users equals the licenses listed on the General tab. You can add additional users to this account if you have additional licenses to grant.

Note. If you have unassigned users from another account and you wish to reallocate licenses, navigate to the General tab and decrease the Number of Licenses in one account to free up a license to be used in another account. If you would like to purchase additional licenses, please don't hesitate to contact sales.

The date on which the license was created is displayed next to the user's email address.

To update the owner of the account, email

Webinars Tab

The webinars tab lists all of the account's webinars that have been given along with the user who created the webinar. Additionally, you can see the status type for each webinar.

Click on the link icon to display the links for each webinar.

For further assistance, contact us through chat or send us an email at

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