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Client Admin: Activities
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Client Admin Activities tracks all activities performed by your Client Admin Administrators. These activities include:

  • Activate

  • Login

  • Logout

  • Forgot Password

  • Reset Password

  • Change Name

  • Change Password

  • Change Delivered By Logo

  • Change Time Zone in General Settings

  • Change Date Format in General Settings

  • Change Language in General Settings

  • Add Account

  • Change Account Name

  • Change Account Description

  • Change Account Owner

  • Change Account Number of Licenses

  • Change Account Time Zone

  • Change Account Date Format

  • Change Account Language

  • Close Account

  • Open Account

  • Add Account User

  • Delete Account User

  • Send Activation Email to Account User

  • Add Administrator

  • Change Administrator Name

  • Change Administrator Email Address

  • Send Activation Email to Administrator

  • Delete Administrator

You can filter by Administrator, Action, or Date.

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