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Client Admin: User Assist
Client Admin: User Assist
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As a Client Admin administrator, you can use the user assist functionality to simulate being logged in as another account. While assisting a user account, you can perform operations in as a specific user without needing to obtain their password or having to log out of your administrator account.

Note. When assisting a user, any previously opened scheduler in the same browser will be closed and the following message will appear

While in scheduler the following yellow message will appear reminding you that you are logged in as someone else, bypassing their password.

User Assist from Dashboard

Client Admin: Webinar Dashboard

Clicking on a webinar within the calendar will provide information about the account, the creator, registrations, and links. To assist the user, click on the pencil icon.

User Assist from Users

Client Admin: Accounts

Your total number of users for each account will be displayed with Manage Account, Users. To assist the user, click on the helicopter icon.

Clicking on Edit will display this page, before landing on the webinar's General Settings page.

For further assistance, contact us through chat or send us an email at

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