Group Chat Slow Mode
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To ensure a smooth and productive chat experience, the Slow Mode feature has been incorporated into the group chat functionality within the Presenter Console. Slow Mode prevents spam by limiting the frequency of attendees sending messages. Webinar Producers with access to the Presenter Console can enable Slow Mode and set the duration between each message submission.

Enabling Slow Mode:

  • Remember to have the Group Chat component enabled in the Interface Builder.

  • The Slow Mode settings are available inside the Presenter Console.

    To access this feature, log into the Presenter Console and locate the Group Chat component on the Left sidebar, as shown in the image below:

  • When Clicking the Group Chat Icon, the Group Chat Window will open, revealing a settings icon in the top right corner:

  • Click on the settings icon, and you'll see a prompt confirming if you wish to enable the Slow Mode:

  • Click the checkbox, and a type box will appear to allow you to input the amount of time you want between messages:

💡 By enabling Slow Mode, producers can define a specific time interval, such as 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or even longer, before attendees can send another message.

Benefits of Slow Mode

  • Reduces spam and repetitive content. Delays between messages give attendees time to think before posting, deterring quick bursts of unwanted messages.

  • Improves chat quality. Slowing down the pace, Slow Mode encourages more thoughtful and meaningful conversations, minimizing disruptive activity.

  • Promotes deeper engagement. Participants have more time to digest information, reflect on previous messages, and formulate richer contributions to the discussion.

  • Enhances conversation flow. The moderated pace lets attendees respond constructively to previous messages, leading to more connected and insightful discussions.

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