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Present a Webinar: How to Manage Webinar Producers
Present a Webinar: How to Manage Webinar Producers
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Planning a knockout webinar requires a blend of expertise. You, the presenter, bring the knowledge and passion. But sometimes, a helping hand can elevate your presentation to new heights. Enter the fantastic world of webinar producers – your behind-the-scenes partners who ensure a smooth, polished, and engaging webinar experience.

The Power of a Webinar Producer

Having a producer for your webinar allows someone else to start and stop the webinar so the speaker can focus on presenting. If a non-producer attempts to start or end the webinar, they will see the following notifications:

Producers also have the privilege to:

  • Allow presenters to view attendees watching the webinar.

  • Control content management.

  • Allow everyone to push slides.

  • Control refreshing and pushing of poll results.

  • Generate QOE Report.

  • Clean up the presenter chat.

  • View the RTMP settings. Only producers can access the RTMP Setup window and get the necessary information to connect an encoder. Click here to learn more about RTMP.

You do not have to have a producer for your webinar. If you do not assign a producer, the presenter can start and stop the webinar.

Assigning Producer Roles

To assign webinar producers to your webinar,

  1. Click on Webinar Links (chain icon) from the dashboard or within your webinar.

  2. Navigate to the Presenter tab and populate the checkbox for Enable Producer Control.

  3. The Manage Producers window will pop out.

    Enter the producer's email address into the textbox under Producer Email Addresses, then click the Add button.

    NOTE: The producers must log into's Presenter Console with the entered email address to take advantage of the producer controls.

  4. Added email addresses will be displayed, and you may remove a specific producer at any time by clicking the Trash icon beside the email address.

  5. Access the producer list anytime by clicking on Manage Producers within the Webinar Links window, and the Manage Producers window will reappear.

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