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Present a Webinar: How to Manage Webinar Producers
Present a Webinar: How to Manage Webinar Producers
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Using a producer for your webinar allows you to have someone else in charge of starting and stopping the webinar so the presenter can focus on presenting. Also, only producers can view RTMP settings.

Note. You do not have to have a producer for your webinar. If you do not assign a producer, the presenter will have control to start and stop the webinar.

How to maximize the Producer Role

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When a producer is assigned, they are the only ones that can start or stop the webinar. If another user selects the start button, the following warning appears:

Additionally, if another user selects the end button, the following warning appears:

To assign webinar producers to your webinar, select on Webinar Links from the dashboard or from within your webinar. Navigate to the Presenter Tab and select the checkbox for "Enable Producer Control".

Once "Enable Producer Control" is selected, the following pop-up appears:

Add the producer's email addresses to the text box "Producer Email Addresses". The webinar producers must log into's Presenter Console with the entered email address, to take advantage of the producer controls.

You can edit the producers at any time by selecting "Manage Producers".

Selecting "Manage Producers" will display all webinar producers that have been added.

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