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Present a Webinar: How to Add Polls
Present a Webinar: How to Add Polls
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Yes, polls are a great way to get easy, fast information from your audience. Polls are added within the Presenter Console. To add a poll, log into the Presenter Console and click on the Contents icon on the left.

Select the Polls tab and select "Click here to add".

Enter the details for your poll.

Type question here: Enter your poll question.

  1. Type question description here: Enter additional information regarding your question.

  2. Select the type of list you want to use for your poll using the drop-down.

    • Checkbox List: Using this option, your attendees can select more than one option. Each checkbox operates individually so a user can toggle each response on or off.

    • Radio List: Options operate as a group and provide mutually exclusive selection values.

    • Text Area: Use Text Area questions to collect a paragraph or two of text. For example, ask attendees to provide additional feedback in their own words.

    • Text Field: Use Text Fields questions to collect a single word or short sentence response. For example, name, street address, or city.

  3. Options: Enter the options for the question.

  4. Hide After Live: Select this option to hide the poll when it's played On-Demand.

The following is an example of a poll about your favorite color. Enter the information on the Add Poll page and click Add.

The results will appear in the Poll tab. You can edit or delete your poll from this tab after it is created.

The presenter will have the ability to push the results of the poll to the audience if the poll has the question type of Checkbox or Radio List. If the poll has the question type of Text Area or Text Field then the presenter will not be able to push the results of the poll to the audience.

For On-Demand webinars, select the "Display Results During On-Demand" checkbox if your presenter pushed results to the audience during the Liver webinar and you want to include those same results in your On-Demand webinar.

When pushing results out to the audience, although there is a Refresh Result hyperlink, the results will automatically refresh.

With Producer Control Enabled - You can restrict polling actions to just the producers listed on your event roster.

With producer control enabled, navigate to the "Producer Panel" located inside on the left-hand rail.

It's from here that you can enable "Poll Control" - Allowing only those in the producer control list to:

  1. Only Producers can push results to the audience.

  2. Only Producers can “refresh” poll results. When refreshed, all results will be seen by all presenters

  3. Only Producers can “refresh” poll results for Attendees after the Poll has been pushed

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