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Present a Webinar: How to Add Polls
Present a Webinar: How to Add Polls
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You pour your heart into crafting an informative presentation, but is your audience truly absorbing the information? Inject a jolt of engagement with polls! offers a user-friendly way to incorporate polls into your webinar, transforming your session from a one-sided lecture into a dynamic and interactive experience.

Why Use Polls During Webinars?

Polls offer a treasure trove of benefits for both you and your audience:

  • Boost Engagement: Break the monotony of a lecture-style presentation! Polls inject a dose of interactivity, encouraging participation and keeping your audience alert and engaged.

  • Gauge Understanding: Unsure if your message is reaching the right audience? Polls allow you to assess audience comprehension in real-time. Based on the results, adjust your presentation to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Generate Discussion: Use poll results as springboards for discussion. Analyze the responses with your audience, fostering a more collaborative learning environment.

How to Add Polls

Within the Presenter Console,

  1. Click on Content (folder icon) from the lefthand navigation rail, and the Content window will appear.

  2. Access the Polls tab and click the + Click here to add polls hyperlink or Add button to start adding polls.

  3. Enter the poll details in the appearing window.

    1. Question - Enter the question or statement you want to engage your audience.

    2. Question description - Add further details of the question or statement. This is optional.

    3. Selection type - A dropdown menu of available selections:

      1. Checkbox List—This selection type allows your attendees to select more than one option. Each checkbox operates individually, so a user can toggle each response on or off.

      2. Radio Button - Options operate as a group and provide mutually exclusive selection values. A user can only select one response.

      3. Text Area - Use this to collect a paragraph or two of text. For example, could you ask attendees to provide additional feedback in their own words?

      4. Text Field - Use this to collect a single-word or short-sentence response such as name, street address, or city.

    4. Display results during on-demand - Mark this checkbox to include the results from the Live webinar in your On-Demand version.

    5. Options - Enter the choices for your poll questions. Click the plus (+) button to add more options.

    6. Hide After Live - You can hide an option during the On-Demand version by marking the checkbox beside the specific option.

  4. After entering all the poll details, click the Add button to store changes. The polls will display in the order they were added within the Polls tab.

Messed up poll order? Rearrange them through the Slide Organizer!

The following is an example of a poll about your favorite color:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you know if I can edit or delete the polls?

  • Yes! The Pencil and Trash icons will be displayed beside the poll question to modify the added polls.

    • Edit - click on the Pencil icon to edit the poll.

    • Delete - click on the Trash icon to remove the poll.

How do I push the poll results to the audience?

  • To broadcast the poll results, click View Results within the Presentation window.

    The scores will be displayed, and the Push Result to Audience option will be available at the bottom of the poll screen.

    You can mark the Display participants count in pushed result checkbox before pushing to show how many of the audience selected each option.

If the poll has the question type of Text Area or Text Field, the presenter cannot push the results to the audience.

Can I limit the broadcasting controls to Producers only?

  • Yes! With the Producer Control enabled, you can restrict polling actions to only the producers listed on your event roster. Just click on the Gear icon at the lefthand navigation rail to access the Producer Panel:

    Then mark the Enable Poll Control checkbox allowing only those in the producer control list to:

    • Push results to the audience.

    • Refresh poll results. When refreshed, all results will be seen by all presenters.

    • Refresh poll results for Attendees after the Poll has been pushed.

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