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Present a Webinar: How to See Attendees Viewing the Webinar
Present a Webinar: How to See Attendees Viewing the Webinar
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Engaging with your audience during a webinar is crucial for maximizing its impact. But how do you know who's actively participating and following along? This guide dives into the functionalities offered by to help you see attendees viewing your webinar:

How to Access the Attendee Tracker:

  1. Log in to the Presenter Console.

  2. Within the Presenter Console, click on the Attendees component (people/users icon) from the left-hand navigation.

  3. A window will pop out displaying the list of attendees who are viewing the webinar.

    1. Name - displays the entered first name, last name, job title, and company name of the audience.

    2. Last Online Date - displays the latest online time of each audience which auto-refreshes for all presenters.

    3. Total Attendees - displays the total number of attendees viewing the webinar.

To find any specific attendee, insert the keyword inside the box provided then click search (magnifying glass icon). You can search for any attendee by name or company name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove and block an attendee from the webinar?

We understand that sometimes even the most well-planned session can be disrupted by a single attendee's inappropriate behavior and prioritizes a respectful and productive learning environment for everyone. This situation might leave you with no choice but to directly warn or kick the attendee out for disruptive behavior. Here's how:

  1. In the Attendees window, click on the specific attendee and a new window will pop out containing the attendee's information.

  2. At the bottom, you will see icons that you can click on to directly reach out to the attendee and warn them, or remove the attendee from the webinar.

    1. Chat with this attendee - a chatbox will appear at the bottom-right of the Presenter Console and you can start chatting with the attendee.

    2. Block this attendee - this will remove and block the attendee from the webinar.

For further assistance, contact us through chat or send us an email at

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