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Why is there a delay with my webinar?
Why is there a delay with my webinar?
Updated over a week ago has crafted a blend of technologies to make your streaming experience seamless. For Presenters and Moderators, we've deployed high-speed services to eliminate any delays for presenters. Meanwhile, we use a combination of HTML5 and CDN networks to deliver content to your audience with a slight delay.

Not to worry though! – Because your audience members aren't in the presenter console. Attendees won't notice a delay, as everything, from slides to videos and polls, is perfectly synced with the audio and video of your presentation.

You do not want the Presenter Console and Attendee Console open simultaneously, or you could get feedback through the Presenter console.

More Information:

Broadcast streaming systems like have a number of moving parts - audio/video capture, transmission to servers, encoding, transcoding, redistribution to attendees, decoding, and displaying by the user's PC/Mac/Tablet/Phone. Each of those processes takes bandwidth.

Why doesn’t Zoom have this?

  • Zoom is architected like our Presenter Console is - it’s designed for everyone to speak at the same time. It recommends 1.5 MBPS bandwidth, whereas is designed to work with nearly half as much available bandwidth - 800kbps.

  • Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex, etc., also require attendees to download, install, and keep their app updated. Not a great user experience and these tightly-coupled services do not scale well to large numbers of participants.

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